Christopher Hazeldine

Art and Design

Creative with a focus on illustration, design, publishing and storytelling.


Editorial illustrations for articles, websites, and publishing

Comic and character illustration in a variety of styles

Digital painting for backgrounds, concept art and covers


Golf Girl: An ongoing comedy comic written and drawn by me.

Templars of the Shifting Verse: A long form project started to learn comics. Currently on hiatus but will return!

A selections of panels from various indie and professional comics

Various comic projects for The Phoenix Comic as well as several independent anthologies.


Design support for magazines, books and leaflets

Logo and type design for covers, articles and branding

Infographics and iconography for web, print and editorial


Eight years production experience with both business-to-business and business to consumer publications

Handling a variety of formats, finishes and specifications

In-depth knowledge of print,
and good relationships with UK suppliers for both digital and litho printing

Illustrations © 2020 Christopher Hazeldine
Print picture provided by Bank Phrom via Unsplash