'I hate Golf! 'It’s just pinball for people with no electricity. Bowling for people with no friends. Golf is only a sport due to a technicality. It’s just gardening for people too awful to care for plants. It’s pool for people with expensive binoculars. 'Golf is just orienteering for the easily lost. It’s just skeeball contextualised for the bourgeoisie. Golf is polo forpeople who aren’t trusted by horses. Basketball for people who listen to BBC Radio 3. Anyway, I don’t want anything to do with it…'
Becky "Golf Girl" Jones
Golf superhero

Golf Girl

is an all ages adventure for people who either love or hate golf (the audience feedback forms we sent out were apparently stolen by seagulls).

Becky Jones is a normal teenage girl living in a British holiday town: seagulls, chips and golf courses as far as the eye can see. Becky works at Golf Word, and Becky hates golf. Unfortunately for her, she’s about to become Golf Girl. The best reluctant-teen-golf-superhero the world has ever seen.

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