Templars of the Shifting Verse

My first comic project. A fantasy mystery inspired by Gaiman, Kubrick and Cave.

In 1953…

…a man walks through his impossible home. He cleans the windows, makes a brave attempt to cook himself some soup and visits The Cave of Sounding to ensure the seals within are unbroken. He tries not to look at the doors of his home, each one marked with the names of a family that deserted him. A family of immortals, like himself, who arrived after death, finding themselves, like himself, bound to this strange house. Destined to return upon each death suffered. Never knowing why, but choosing a life of heroic deeds against the forces of darkness that bubble and toil away.

There are four of them in the photo he holds. Himself, Dantes, Urn and… Loria… the one who’d been with him the longest. The first to leave. Decades ago. As bombs fell over the cities of the western kingdom. As he would not intervene.

Light from behind one of the doors – marked Urn Baron – steals his attention. He heads towards it, to discover why one of his family has returned….

Templars of the Shifting Verse

Is a project I began way back in 2013. I’d been a graduate for about two years and wanted to cut my teeth on an ambitious project that could also act as a learning tool. I didn’t anticipate just how big an undertaking a five chapter grahpic novel would be for just one person, however, chapter five is currently in production, and will hopefully be ready by the end of 2020!

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5 – Coming soon!